Reasons to Babywear

If you have a new baby, you’ve probably realized by now that those tiny bundles of joy REALLY enjoy being held. A lot. Like, all the time.

And you probably love holding that sweet squish a lot.

We get it. We have babies too!

But sometimes, mama (or dad!) needs to get dinner going. Or use the bathroom. Or hit up Costco for snacks.

Enter baby wearing. For centuries, parents have strapped babies and toddlers to their chests or backs and gotten stuff done. But baby wearing isn’t just about convenience and efficiency (although those are great benefits!). Here are 4 reasons to baby wear that goes beyond having both hands free.

  1. It is beneficial to baby

Studies have shown that babies who are worn close to their parents cry less and learn more. According to Babywearing International, keeping your infant in close body contact is beneficial because infants need touch to grow and thrive. Also, a human baby is used to being “on the inside” for nine months – hearing mom’s heart, breaths and movements. Wearing baby in a carrier mimics those sensations and creates a calmer baby (and a calmer baby can more easily process and adapt to her new environment).

  1. It is beneficial to parents

When you give birth, you are essentially meeting a stranger. Your baby has their own personality and desires and it can take time to develop a rhythm and to understand their cues and cries. Baby wearing can help expedite that process by “syncing up”caregiver and baby to each other’s wants and needs. It also helps foster secure attachment and can help moms battling postpartum depression.

  1. Nursing

If you are nursing, baby wearing can help make it easier and more convenient. With just a bit of practice, most babies can learn to nurse discretely in a carrier, meaning you can go about your day, feed your baby and get stuff done.

Of course, we are all about sitting down and enjoying the nursing experience with a favorite show and a big bottle of water, but sometimes, a mom needs to get out and about. Give it a try; we’re sure you’ll master this mom hack in no time.

  1. It is fun!

Who doesn’t love snuggling a new baby! And kissing the top of that sweet little head? Baby wearing is practical as can be, but it’s also just a wonderful, nurturing and bonding way to spend time with your little one. You’ll enjoy the snuggles and kisses and baby will enjoy seeing the world from your point of view. And you can do so much more with a baby in a carrier than you can with a baby in a bulky, hard-to-maneuver stroller.  Traveling is much easier with a carrier too.

Action Baby Carriers

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