Tandem Babywearing in Action Baby Carriers

Some places are impossible to bring a stroller, but what do you do if a stroller isn’t an option and you have more than one child? Tandem wear of course! My first and second children are less than two years apart, and I wore them both every day for the first year as a mom of two. I tried many combinations of carriers, but found the fastest and most comfortable to be two ABCs. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Put the baby on first and in the front, with the straps crossed. I put the hood up for more neck support and buckle at my natural waist. Tips for front carrying are here.
  2. Buckle the second carrier below the first.
  3. Buckle the shoulder straps for the second carrier.
  4. Carefully get the second child on your back, I minimized bouncing for the front baby as much as possible by putting the second child on the couch or having them stand. Another option is to hip scoot. Check out our back carry video here.
  5. Bring the straps up over shoulders, and make sure to pull the carrier up over baby’s back.
  6. Buckle the chest strap.
  7. Explore!

I refuse to push an empty stroller, so I always throw an extra carrier in my bag and if one of the big kids gets to tired or needs some calm down time up they go. We get to stay out for longer, can visit places strollers can’t go, and I get a little extra exercise. When you have more than one kids, chances are there will be times when they all need you at once.  As if we needed another reason to babywear!

Reasons Why Babywearing is Great for Traveling

We try and vacation once or twice a year and if we didn’t pack our Action Baby Carriers, I don’t think anyone would get any sleep. Since I’m a seasoned traveler, I thought I’d share the reasons why baby wearing is great for traveling.

Read on, and share your top tips in the comments!

  1. Sleepy time help

Carriers are always at the very top of my family’s packing list and we pack at least one per child. When we are away from home and the routine is completely out the window, a nice long walk works like a charm at bedtime – or naptime. Baby wearing has many more benefits you can take on the road too! 

  1. Prepare for takeoff

Not only does a baby carrier help with sleepy time, it gives mom (and dad) both hands free in the airport. At our local airport we were allowed to wear through security, just required to submit to a hand swab. Baby wearing allowed us to easily and quickly make our way to the terminal with little fanfare. We usually travel with car seats, so the kids are in their comfortable and familiar seats during take off and landing. Keeping a carrier close by for discrete nursing and calming a fussy baby helps make things go more smoothly.

  1. Hit the road

We like road trips and baby carriers take up much less room than strollers or wagons. Our Action Baby Carriers have allowed us to easily explore many cities and access spaces that wouldn’t be possible with other modes of child’s transport. Baby wearing has salvaged many outings and allowed us to visit lots of fun places.

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